UK’s largest / Worlds largest surviving Paternoster Lift?

The University of Sheffield’s famous Arts Tower has been inhabited since 1965, it stands at 78m tall and is home to a rare Paternoster lift, which you have to jump in and out of as it passes by.

The Paternoster lift has 38 carriages and could be crowned as the largest of the few surviving Paternosters in the UK, if not in the world!

Paternoster lifts are made up of a chain of open carriages for two people at a time that move in a loop up and down buildings without stopping. The cars are slow moving so passengers can step on or off at any floor. When the cars get to the very top or bottom of the building, they move horizontally across before continuing vertically upwards or downwards and it is at this point everything goes dark whilst you travel behind the wall.

Our involvement in this project was to replace the Heath & Safety GRP signage on each of the 38 carriages. Signage was changed to red and white so it is more visible to passengers. Great to be part of such a historic feature in Sheffield.