Carpets & Carpet Tiles 

Carpets can range from classical carpet design to uber modern or abstract styles. We are proud to be working with forward thinking suppliers such as ege carpets who are one of Europes leading companies with regards to design, development and production of high quality carpets with respect for the environment.

We have worked with many clients who require a bespoke carpet design for their commercial premises and we are happy to advise and be with you through each step of this process.

Carpet tiles are an ideal flooring solution for high traffic areas within the home or workplace as they are hard wearing and durable, as well as giving a modern and sleek appearance.

We regularly supply and fit carpet tiles in the following sectors;

  • Commercial Offices
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Schools & Academies
  • Student Accommodation
  • Public Sector
  • Residential Settings
  • Retail

The development of the classic carpet tile has certainly evolved over the years and now offers choice from the following;

Loop pile carpet planks which provides excellent coverage for heavy commercial use in large office spaces and host a vast array of colours to suit your design needs.

Structured bonded carpet tiles which incorporates a modern mix of textures and colours so that you can really play around with contemporary flooring designs.

Fibre bonded carpet tiles and sheets that range from the classic flat tile, to fine/thick ribbed tiles are ideal for use in schools and busy offices due to their heavy nature.

Textured Loop pile carpet tiles are known for their hard wearing quality yet are ground breaking with their ever expanding design possibilities.

Cut pile carpet tiles provide the most sophisticated and rich finish. These are ideal if you want to add a touch of luxury to your commercial premises.

To provide protection and expand the life of your internal flooring we can offer performance barrier systems at the entrance to your commercial premises and at any secondary areas such as lobbies, lifts and staircases where dirt and moisture may be walked in through the building.

Carpet tiles don’t have to appear plain and boring, our team of design lead contracts managers can assist in creating modern and striking designs for any space.

We supply and install only the highest quality flooring. With 50 years of experience, we have the knowledge and tools to deliver superior results. Contact us we are always happy to help

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