Vinyl Flooring

We offer a wide range of vinyl flooring which is available in different styles, thicknesses and textures.

It is heavy duty and is known for its versatility and resilience. Vinyl has a high level of durability and is water resistant making it ideal for use in kitchens or bathrooms where there will be humidity. It is also softer and warmer underfoot than natural stone and laminate flooring. Vinyl is a finished flooring material heavily used in commercial and institutional settings. Vinyl tiles are usually cut into modular shapes such as squares and rectangles. Sheet vinyl or vinyl tiles will be installed by applying to a smooth, levelled sub-floor using a specially formulated vinyl adhesive or tile mastic.


Made of 97% natural raw materials, 72% renewable and 43% recycled content marmoleum is a natural flooring which includes solutions for most types of application. It comes in a range of colours and structures and is available either in sheet or modular tiles.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

If you are looking to recreate the look of natural wood or stone flooring with benefits such as strength, comfort and durability then LVTs could be the solution for you. LVTs are available in both plank and tile formats.

Contact our friendly and professional team to discuss your requirements. We are happy to advise on the best option for your commercial property and pride ourselves on only working with the very best suppliers of quality and innovative vinyl design.

The choices are endless when it comes to choosing the right vinyl for you and your business. You can specify what style of look you would like such as wood effect, stone effect or abstract and then choose from either sheet vinyl or vinyl tiles which can range from glue down, loose lay and rigid core formats.

Safety Flooring

Safety Flooring minimises the risk of slippages and other accidents. We offer a wide range of specialist safety floorings and regularly supply and fit to the following sectors;

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Food & Drink outlets
  • Transport premises

Safety flooring is very different to non-slip flooring and is specially engineered to provide a safe environment in areas that are exposed to different types of spillages in low to high traffic areas. Flooring usually comes in two different formats. The first type of flooring is normally used in very high slip risk areas and this is usually where the risk of spillages from either grease, oils, or other liquids are a constant occurrence such as healthcare settings.

Flooring within sectors such as healthcare (hospitals, dental practices, GP surgeries etc) require easy clean flooring with impenetrable surfaces that won’t harbour any dirt or bacteria. Safety flooring combined with wall cladding is the ideal option to provide the ‘clean room’ classification.

The second format is usually used in high slip risk areas and this type of flooring will dramatically reduce the risk of slippage, where the environment isn’t deemed quite as dangerous as the very high risk areas such as food & retail outlets or hair salons. The flooring is stain resistant and is able to cope with extremes of temperature and general wear and tear.

All safety flooring comes in broad range of colours and finishes to suit your premises and we are happy to advise you on which vinyl or safety floor would be best suited to your bespoke needs, just contact us for further information.

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