Altro Head Office Visit

Our MD and Marketing Manager were delighted to be invited down to the head office of Altro this week to talk about all things…well Altro!

Altro have been one of our regular suppliers over many years so we were really interested to go and see the team behind the company and more importantly see first hand how safety flooring is actually made.

“Altro have been at the forefront of innovation for 100 years. Today, working closely with architects, end customers, engineers, designers and contractors around the world, their insight and expertise help them transform everyday spaces into environments that can improve the wellbeing of everyone that uses them. And by consistently turning creative thinking into practical, real-world solutions – that maintain the highest standards of safety and durability – Altro have become synonymous with quality.”

Altro flooring specialises in LVTS, Safety floors, transport flooring & resin floors

Altro have also created and developed a magnificent range of Altro Whiterock which can be used on walls, doors & ceilings. The Whiterock is a hygienic alternative to ceramic tiles and boasts impact resistance, grout free and easy to clean features.

Our day at Altro consisted of a lab tour which gave a real insight into how Altro’s products are created, developed and tested before they hit the production line. The amount of rigorous testing each item of flooring goes through is eye opening and just goes to show that when the product meets the end user you can be 100% confident that it has passed extreme quality control assessments.

We then got to have a look at the ‘Possibilities studio’ which was great to see just how many different possibilities there are when it comes to floors, doors and walls and how they can be adapted to any setting but most interestingly was how much Altro flooring & Whiterock is being used in mental health care settings and what the possibilities are not only to keep patients safe during their care but to offer a much nicer, calmer environment for them.

The highlight of the day was going on the factory tour – it was literally like ‘Willy Wonka’s’ chocolate factory but for flooring!  Our tour guide was a real fountain of knowledge and we got to see some contract safety flooring being turned from a paste, go through several different stages to where it was then all wrapped, sealed & ready to be tucked up in the warehouse ready to be shipped onto the contractor.  We were very impressed with Altro’s recycling process and again got to see this put into practice. They have very minimal waste which is refreshing to see. It really was a fascinating experience.


We then got to observe the training school where participants were engaged on learning how to use Whiterock. Even our MD & Marketing Manager had a go at welding some Whiterock which was great fun!


Our day was completed by lots of different discussions with the marketing team right through to the customer liaison teams. We got to offer our feedback regarding the Altro products from a contractors point of view, this included any difficulties that we found working with any of the products and what we liked or think could be improved. Any feedback given through their ‘Voice of the Customer’ scheme is then put into practice and helps to develop future products.

Wherever you walk within the Altro building you are faced with examples of all their products which is very inspiring and their use of colour and design throughout is excellent. There is a really lovely atmosphere to Altro, all he employees are engaging, look happy and there is a real sense of teamwork/family.

The company will reach an amazing milestone of 100 years in business this year and we very much look forward to seeing what the company creates over the next 100 years.

All in all it was an unforgettable and inspiring day.