Wayfinding Carpet Tiles

Wayfinding carpet tile replacement with black & yellow arrow

As COVID-19 lockdowns are slowly eased around the world, businesses are trying to balance the reopening of the economy with the health and safety of its employees. Along with our trusted supplier DESSO, the DESSO Icons wayfinding tiles provide a flexible, simple and cost-effective way of guiding employees and visitors into your office safely and easily.


One tile, multiple direction options: the inner circle is completely modular, so it can be easily placed to point in any direction (see images below)

Simple and cost effective replacement: easily remove your current carpet tiles (50X50cm) and replace them with DESSO icons wayfinding tiles, where required. For larger areas

Designed with international safety colours: striking combination of yellow and black from the DESSO essence collection. Other colour combinations and icons are available upon request

Wayfinding carpet tile replacement with black & yellow arrow